The following is a list of hyperlinks to other sites dealing with Decision Theory and Design

Multidisciplinay Optimization and Design Engineering Laboratory (MODEL) - In the traditional serial design environment, the cost of making a change increases by an order of magnitude for each phase of the design cycle. Due to recent competitive market pressures, it has become evident that for the design of complex systems, all requirements, manufacturing, and life-cycle issues must be addressed throughout all phases of the design process.

International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE) - The INCOSE SECOE is a virtual collaboration of academic and industry researchers to advance the state of knowledge about systems engineering. Participants are universities, organizations, and individuals with the desire to foster empirical and theoretical research into the engineering of complex systems. This web site is the center of the SECOE; it provides information and electronic connectivity for collaboration.

Trade-Off Based Robust Modeling and Design - This research, partially funded by NSF (National Science Foundation), aims to develop a trade-off based robust modeling and design methodology for identification of statistically optimal product specifications.

The Consummate Design Center - The TCDC is a virtual resource center for all types of designers. Its purpose is to help promote design principles, methods, and technologies that lead to the creation of quality products and services for our global society. specifications.