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Design taxonomy

Dixon, J.R., Duffey, M.R., Irani, R.K., Meunier, K.L. and Orelup, M.F., 1988, A Proposed Taxonomy of Mechanical Design Problems, Proceedings ASME Computers in Engineering Conference, San Francisco, California, pp. 41-46.

Commentary: This was the first of several papers that addressed taxonomies of design problems. the premise behind the paper was the defining the states of knowledge before and after a problem is solved indicates that type of problem being solved. A few more design problem discriminators are added in the subsequent years, but this was a good start.

Ullman, D.G. and Diambrosio, B., Taxonomy for Classifying Engineering Decision Problems and Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, Vol 9, pp. 427-438, 1995.

Commentary: This is one of the most recent paper that addresses the taxonomy of decision characteristics in a design process. The taxonomy is used to define the requirements for an ideal engineering design decision support system.

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