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Theories on Decision-Based Design

Mistree, F. and Marston, M., A Decision Based Foundationfor Systems Design: A Conceptual Exposition
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George A. Hazelrigg (available on web) - A Framework For Decision-Based Engineering Design

Commentary: Proposes the framework for decision-based engineering design that implements the concept that engineering design is a decision-making process.

Mistree, F., Smith, W.F., Bras, B.A., Allen, J.K., and Muster, D., Decision-Based Design: A Contemporary Paradigm for Ship Design, Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Vol. 98, pp. 565-597, 1990.

Shupe, J.A., Decision-Based Design: Taxonomy and Implementation, Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1988.

Commentary: Discuss the definitions of design, decisions, and design equation. Provide the definitions of decision-based design.

Mistree, F., Hughes, O. F. and Bras, B. A., The Compromise Decision Support Problem and the Adaptive Linear Programming Algorithm, Structural Optimization: Status and Promise, pages 247-286, (M. P. Kamat, Ed.), Washington, D.C.: AIAA, (1993).

Mistree, F., Smith, W. F. and Bras, B. A., A Decision-Based Approach to Concurrent Engineering, Handbook of Concurrent Engineering, pages 127-158, (H. R. Paresai and W. Sullivan, Eds.), New York: Chapman & Hall, (1993).

Bras, B. A. and Mistree, F., Designing Design Processes in Decision-Based Concurrent Engineering, SAE Transactions, Journal of Materials & Manufacturing, vol. 100, pp. 451-458, 1991.

Bras, B., Smith, W. F. and Mistree, F., The Development of a Design Guidance System for the Early Stages of Design, CFD and CAD in Ship Design, pp. 221-231, (G. van Oortmerssen, Ed.),Wageningen, The Netherlands: Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., (1990).

Commentary: Present the Decision-Based Design approach and the supporting techniques, called Decision Support Problem (DSP) Techniques and Decision Support Problems (DSPs).

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