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Uncertainty Analysis

Antonsson, E. K. and Otto, K. N., 1995, Imprecision in Engineering Design, ASME Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 117, No. June, pp. 25-32.

Commentary: A good review of the literature on the imprecision in design.

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Wood, K. L., Antonsson, E. K. and Beck, J. L., 1990, Representing Imprecision in Engineering Design: Comparing Fuzzy and Probability Calculus, Research in Engineering Design, Vol. 1, No. pp. 187-203.

Commentary: A comparison is made between fuzzy set and probability methods. Discloses the different natures of two types of uncertainties and the supporting methods: fuzzy sets are more appropriate for dealing with imprecision; probability is more appropriate for stochastic uncertainty.

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